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Sunday, November 23, 2014

tnvat e payment offline and online

Tamilnadu government has been introduced new payment method offline and online payments . This e payment effect from 01.11.2014 Now tamilnadu sales tax assessment circle will not accept cheque payments. Instead of giving cheques at sales tax assessment circle we can pay the cheques in indian bank, indian overseas bank and vijaya bank as offline payment. For online payment tamilnadu government has approved 22 nationalised banks. here i am providing full details for how to generate offline e payment challan and how to pay e payment for tnvat tnvat-offline-payment.pdf


Commercial Taxes Department, Government of Tamil Nadu Guide Lines for making Payment through Bank Counters (Online linked Offline payment)

1. Dealers who are not having internet banking account can remit taxes through branches of 3 banks across the State. The advantage of

using this e-pay-in-slip (Challan) based system is that the dealer need not visit circle offices for any payment. Problem of interest or penalty, due to cheques being dishonored or being lost or remitted late will no more be a problem. All branches of the following banks will offer such services:

1 Indian Overseas Bank

2 Indian Bank

3 Vijaya Bank

2. For activating Counter Payment (Bank), dealer may login in TNVAT portal and select ‘Payment Mode selection’ button and click the option of ‘Counter Payment (Bank)‘ and activate it. Select the bank from the

3 Banks listed above, through which dealer wish to make counter payment. The selection of Bank is recorded only for reference and activation purpose. Therefore, the Dealer can make payment of taxes in any one of these three Bank branch counters during the regular business hours of the Banks.

3. Mode of payments accepted in the Bank counters are Cash / Cheque / DD.

4. The Dealer has the option /provision of choosing ‘Online Payment (Net Banking)’ or ‘Counter Payment (Bank) or ‘Cheque Payment at

Circle Office’ (default mode), which is available in the Dealer’s login screen of the tnvat website and the dealer can themselves choose Visit us at www.tnvat.gov.in either one of the above option by clicking the button ‘Payment Mode selection’ in the bottom of the login screen.

5. Step-by-Step procedure for offline payment: The procedure for offline payment is as follows:

a. Dealer need to file and confirm e-Return for the month as usual. Payment details entry screen will be disabled in the efiling part for the dealers who activated Counter Payment (Bank).

b. Dealer needs to generate e-Pay-in-Slip (Challan) for counter Payments at the Banks. For this dealer needs to login by clicking e-Payment Button.

The dealer has the following options:-

1. If the payment of tax is by cash, the dealer needs to enter the amount & confirm and an e-Pay-in-slip (Challan) will be generated.

2. If the payment of tax is by Cheque/DD, the dealer needs to select the Banks (from the above list of 3 Banks) and enter the details of Cheque & confirm and an e-Pay-inslip (Challan) will be generated.

3. Multiple taxes are allowed (for eg. Form I and Form 1) in this screen.

c. Print the generated e-pay-in-slip (Challan) and visit the nearest bank branch counters (From the list of above 3 Banks) for remittance of taxes during business hours of the Banks.

(Format of the e-pay-in-slip generated is enclosed for reference). The validity of the Challan generated is only for Visit us at www.tnvat.gov.in

14 days. If a dealer, fails to remit the taxes within 14 days, by making use of the Challan generated, it has to be re-generated again for making payment.

d. Bank will accept the payment and give the endorsement with Bank seal on the e-pay-in-slip (Challan) instantly, in case of payment mode is in cash or Cheque from the same bank in which customer has account and remits the payment. This is the most preferred and instantaneous option.

e. In case the cheque payment instrument belongs to any other bank, payment acknowledgement will be given only after realization.

f. After getting acknowledgement from the bank, dealer needs to login into TNVAT portal and verify the e-Payment transaction under e-Payment verification link. Dealer will also get an acknowledgement from the TNVAT portal in case if the status of the transaction is ‘Success’.

g. After this dealer needs to submit the copy of the Returns at the circle office , along with the acknowledgement given by the Bank e-Pay-in-Slip and the acknowledgement received from TNVAT portal.

h. Provision for re-Print of e-pay-in-slip is also available for the dealers.

i. Date of presentation of the Cheque in the Bank Counter will be treated as receipt date.

6. Dealers are welcome to call 044-28290960, 28290962 (help line) or send an e-mail to ctdcsys@nic.in, vatfeedback@nic.in regarding any problem or suggestion

tnvat e payment offline and online