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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Down Load sample copy of tnvat excel annexures

Here i have given the link to get download the excel format for tnvat annexures . just click this to download the below link
While down load and upload the excel annexures follow this rules

New File Pattern

For Example: If the TIN number is 33987654321 and Return month is June 2007,then the Excel File sheets name should be for

Annexure I 33987654321062007A1.xls

Annexure IA 33987654321062007IA.xls

Annexure II 33987654321062007A2.xls

Annexure III 33987654321062007A3.xls

Annexure IV Import 33987654321062007A4.xls

Annexure IV Export 33987654321062007A5.xls

Annexure V 33987654321062007AV.xls

Note 1. Advised to keep only the appropriate annexure sheet in the Excel File and upload. 2. Upload only relevant annexures which are having transactions. 3. Do not upload Annexures where transactions are not there.

to down load annexures use below link

.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwTMcuW_pZNOby00b1d0VFN1UGs/edit?usp=sharing .. ..