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Monday, February 8, 2010

Secrets for stay young

Women these days don't give a toss about aging. The best information on good anti aging cosmeticshealth, fitness and the latest anti-ageing techniques are all at their disposal. Cosmetics and non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers are also available (we will tell you about their safety in the coming months) widely.

However, many women don't remember to pay attention to their hands. Very often, they are a dead give away. Even the celluloid queens and the ramp divas often ignore this very important aesthetic part of their body. One that is so much in the public eye. In fact, most of us don't realise that our hands and feet need much more attention than any other part. For one, we do a lot with our hands. As a result they are exposed to many potentially harmful things such as soap, food items, chemicals, dust and dirt.

Another important fact to bear in mind is that, our hands and feet do not have anti aging skin careoil glands. This means they have very little protection and tend to dry up much faster. Dry skin is always more susceptible to all kinds of allergies and infections. All work and no pampering make your hands dull and dry. Don't you worry, ladies. Help is at hand and so are some tips to keep your hands looking fresh and young.

• Avoid soaps : They are all alkaline and tend to dry the skin. The alternative is liquid hand-washes. I like the Palmolive Aromatherapy hand-wash range - it is effective, does not dry the skin and has a pleasant fragrance which is mild and not too overpowering.

• Apply cold cream : After completing your work, use a good cold cream twice anti aging cosmeticsa day on slightly moist skin. Nowadays there are many effective creams available like Exomega, Emolene, Physiogel etc. These will be available with any chemist. Personally, I often use just the Vaseline petroleum jelly which is a heavy-duty emollient. • Massage : Do rub olive oil or sunflower oil at bedtime in case of excessive dryness.

• Soak : Once a week soak your hands in warm olive oil for 15 to 20 minutes and then massage the olive oil and leave it overnight. Tip: Use your anti-ageing face cream on your hands. Apply a good sunscreen several times on your hands at bedtime and during the day. I use creams containing retinoids (Vitamin A or its derivatives) in addition to anti-oxidants such as Vitamins E & C. Variety is the spice of life so I use different creams every now and then! L'oreal , Synergie , Olay and Pond's have a good range of products (which I use). This way I get to use different ingredients which have different modes of anti-ageing properties. Of course, there are high-end creams and moisturizers which are also great such as Lancome, Clinique and Shiseido.